1/5/13 Bar Mitzvah at San Luis Obispo Country Club

Obispo Country Club

1/5/13 Bar Mitzvah at San Luis Obispo Country Club

DJ Epic Entertainment Bar Mitzvah at San Luis Obispo Country Club

One of the things I love the most is doing youth events! Kids are so much fun to work with and they absolutely thrive on having a great time. I got to DJ Jake’s Bar Mitzvah last weekend with Bill Mortimer and his amazing staff at SLO Country Club. Not only did we get to do the chairlift (Hora) with Jake and his friends, but we also got to play some great games. During our scavenger hunt we saw some pretty amazing things including: Dad’s wearing lipstick, Mom’s wearing men’s shoes, kids with ties around their heads and more! We also played a great game of Coke-Pepsi that had not only the kids, but also some of the parents running all over the room. The balloons were amazing (see pictures) and the lighting that I provided enhanced the party atmosphere. I got to set up a great lighting system that included concert style moving head lights, strobes, and pin spots all custom designed just for Jake’s Bar Mitzvah and computer controlled.  I also got to work with the amazing Colleen Rosenthal Photography. I can’t wait to get out to the Country Club again!

Venue: San Luis Obispo Country Club
Photographer: Colleen Rosenthal Photography
alloon Art: Rowlee’s Buds & Balloons