9 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Hiring Them

9 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Hiring Them

Your wedding DJ is the single most important person at your wedding (other than the newlyweds, of course.) This is because they are responsible for setting the reception’s tone and vibe and ensuring a variety of music genres are available for dancing, cocktail hour, socializing, and even fine dining. So, it’s important to hire one that you like, but there’s more to it than that. Here are 9 questions to ask your wedding DJ before hiring them.

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A brilliant DJ knows how to awaken the celebratory spirit inside every guest and almost anticipates the mood and rhythm that is appropriate for each part of the overall event. How can you ascertain you are choosing the right person to inspire all these emotions? By asking the following questions and gauging the style and potential versatility of the SLO wedding DJ you are interviewing.

Q1. Can you detail the scope of your professional experience?

Being a DJ for many people is a side business or part-time job therefore, they simply cannot claim to have the same level of experience or indeed professionalism that a career DJ may have. When you are interviewing someone for the position, you need to be sure this is their main job or a major aspect of their business or profession. This will guarantee a better-updated selection of songs, and the individual will be a pleasure to work with.

Ask for client testimonials (you can also search for them online or consult other wedding vendors) and a full portfolio of work, such as the venues they’ve covered and the playlists they used for different wedding themes. The number of total weddings they’ve covered is generally a good indicator of how much experience they have.

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Q2. Are you available for the date and location of my wedding?

If you are thinking of hiring a well-known DJ who is highly sought after, you might have trouble getting them for your wedding date. While getting married off-season may be advice you’ve heard, and it works from a price point of view, you should know DJs cover a wide range of events that are not limited to just the wedding season. Ensure they are fully available for your wedding reception date and are willing to travel if the venue is out of town, out of the city, or indeed if you are hiring them for a destination wedding.

Q3. Do You Cover More Than One Event A Day?

Depending on whether you are hiring a DJ or a band that has DJ-ing as an added service on their collective portfolio, you need to know if they book more than one event a day. Your wedding is not like someone’s birthday party, for example, so you need to be sure the wedding DJs Paso Robles CA will be able to give it his/her full attention and time.

Q4. Have you worked at this venue before in any capacity?

Planning and executing a wedding reception well is similar to pulling off a complicated dance performance. So many factors and aspects interplay to create the perfect day for you, your partner, and your loved ones. If the San Luis Obispo CA DJ you have picked has worked in the same venue before, it can be a major advantage as they’ll know where to check in, when to arrive and how to set up their equipment.

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The Most Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ

Q5. What equipment (sound systems etc.) do you use, and will you coordinate with the venue staff beforehand?

Most DJs need specific power requirements for their equipment, and the quality of the devices they use will determine the audio quality and how the sound travels. You must share these concerns with your potential DJ if you have a large gathering expected for your reception. Suggest that they have a rehearsal at the venue if possible, so there are no technical issues on the big day itself.

Q6. Please provide some detail about the services you provide.

Many SLO DJs provide extra services, such as equipment for a light show and a photo booth. Providing the gathering with a karaoke machine or other entertainment add-ons can also be part of a DJ’s service package, but they may need to be asked in advance. Also, inquire about the creative input they are willing to take from you and your partner regarding the playlist or the general style of music. Some DJs are more specific about this and may have a certain style they are known for and will be unlikely to deviate from.


Q7. How many breaks will you need?

You can’t have long spells of no music on your wedding day because the DJ is on a break. Work with them beforehand to devise a schedule that dictates when they’ll go on break and whether they’ll have an automated system in place or an assistant to step in for the duration of their absence. If they have an understudy, so to speak, that may cost you extra!

Q8. Are you also an emcee?

Many DJs like to act as the emcee as well, especially if they are personally acquainted with the couple so ask if they are interested in having a more active role and announcing people (such as before a toast) and so forth. Asking them whether they take requests from the wedding guests is also essential as some DJs go into a ‘zone’ and do not entertain requests.

Q9. How much do you charge, and what aspects constitute extra charges?

As a couple planning a wedding, you need to pay attention to all aspects that take away from the overall budget. Be very clear on the DJ’s rates and extra charges, such as for rental equipment, overtime, or the after-party. Many DJs adopt an hourly rate with no subtraction for breaks or downtime, and they may also include the time spent setting up equipment in the total charge. Try to sign an agreement and not rely on a verbal one if you do not want him/her to suddenly change the rates once the reception is over.

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