Meet DJ Anthony

Anthony is our “Director of Awesomeness” and started Epic in 2011 after working in the industry locally since 2007 and in the central valley and San Diego since high school. A guitarist himself, he has incredible musical knowledge and is sure to help you customize your music.

How long have you been DJing?
Since 1994


What is your favorite Non-DJ related activity?
Playing guitar, serenading my hot wife and playing with my kiddos.


What is your favorite genre of music?
I’m not sure I could nail down a fave. I really like rock, I love getting down to some old school hip-hop (early 90’s stuff), but I can also listen to blues guitar players all day. So, I guess it depends on my mood.


Why are you such an awesome DJ?
Because I take the time to listen to YOUR ideas. I don’t force any ideas or suggestions on any of my clients. I just take the info that they have given me and use that to create the greatest event or wedding of all time.


What advice do you have for newly engaged couples?
Hire professionals. Talk to people that you are already working with and trust about who they enjoy working with and who helps make the team rock.


What is your favorite vacation destination?
Anywhere there’s a concert going on!


How would you describe your DJ style?
I tend to mix music up a lot based on the input of my clients. I like to mix different genres to keep to dance floor hoppin’! I also like doing ‘on the fly’ remixes. You never know, you could hear a sweet mix of Yeah (Usher) into Country Girl Shake It For Me (Luke Bryant) while I am spinning.


Who is your hero?
My Dad. There is no one that I on this planet that I try to emulate as much as him. From his professional life to the way he loves my Mom. If I can be half the dad he has been to me, my kids will be extremely lucky!


**Due to Anthony’s primary responsibilities on the executive team, his availability is extremely limited. If you would like to guarantee Anthony as the DJ at your event, an additional ‘Executive Rate’ will apply.

Reviews for Anthony Salas


Eric 9/17/16
Epic Entertainment and Anthony were amazing. They want to provide you with the most memorable experience possible. Work with them to help ensure this. They’ll ask for some work to be done, but it is totally worth your time, as they’ll take those requests, and blow it out. Honestly we heard and continue to hear comments of ‘the best wedding DJ ever’ from so many friends. And I don’t think they’re just saying that at all, it’s completely true. From the moment I first met Anthony, as he was putting the lavalier mic on me for the ceremony to the last song (AMAZING SURPRISE!!!!! – do your own vows!) Anthony was a true professional and made a huge mark on the overall event. Anthony worked fantastically with our coordinator as well. My new wife and I noticed a break early, so we started to greet guests, and really delayed the ‘program’ we discussed–not intentionally, but it happened and we weren’t even aware. Anthony and the coordinator saw what we were doing, and got flexible–at no issue, or problem at all, or even bothering us. The coordinator mentioned it an hour later to me after a quick huddle with Anthony, haha, but still all was good. It made for a very hassle-free time for us. Epic likes to plan, as they should, but was completely clutch and flexible with everything when it came down to it. 100% recommended. And if you want a great party, totally worth the investment.


Jason 7/15/17
Anthony from Epic Entertainment was great to work with. He was professional, caring, courteous and generous. He was very responsive to our needs and went above and beyond to make things right. You can really tell how much he loves his job and this company.


Kari 5/6/17
Epically epic! Anthony made everything so easy and he had great input on the flow of our day! Guests are still telling us how much fun they had at our wedding. Anthony books up quickly so reach out ASAP!


Cate 4/22/17
We really enjoyed having Anthony from Epic be our DJ for our special day. He had a fun, upbeat personality and was extremely organized. He was always prompt at responding to calls/emails and open to suggestions for particular things we wanted. Epic provided us with a login, which lead us to our own webpage so we could plan/formulate every detail of sound and music we wanted played. It was straight forward, broke down every aspect of the wedding that needed sound and allowed us to take our time over several months to make sure it was exactly what we wanted. Anthony made sure everything went as planned, if not better.


Cam 4/1/17
Great solid dj service for a wedding! Epic Entertainment has all the tools you need to plan your song selections and forms to fill out for the day of to ensure everything goes smoothly. We had Anthony as our DJ at Ragged Point Inn and it really helped he was familiar with the venue already. We had a good idea of what songs we wanted and already started working on their awesome song selection tool program they use. However, when Anthony touched based with us a little before the wedding date….he made great recommendations and suggestions on the little details that go a long way for the actual day of. Ceremony sound system went very smooth as well as the reception – I wish we had more time at the reception to enjoy the music and dancing! We did a surprise dance performance and he introduced us perfectly and the surprise performance went perfectly as planned. Anthony would check in with us throughout the day to give us a heads up on what will happen and was very flexible on adjusting anything as needed. Thank you Epic Entertainment for making our special day run very smoothly! p.s. our parents walked down to the instrumental version of Dr. Dre – Nothin’ but a G thang and it was a hit!


Roxanne 9/24/16
Anthony was our DJ and he was so nice to work with!! He was so helpful and all our guests raved about his playlist. He was exactly what we wanted, someone who listened to the type of music we wanted to play and understood the flow of our wedding! He also surprised us with adding our vows into a song and it was the most beautiful thing to hear!


Erin 5/21/16
Anthony from epic was amazing. He knew exactly how to coordinate the day to run smoothly. Music was awesome and everyone dance all night. I would highly recommend Anthony and epic to anyone in the market for a professional dj who makes your big day worry-free.


Linnea 4/29/16
Epic has unique ideas that I have not heard from any DJ ever. Anthony truly has a passion for what he does & I’m so glad we decided to go with them! Our day would not have gone as smooth as it did if it weren’t for him explaining what was next & what to do. He announced everything great!