Meet DJ Nestor

DJ Nestor is one of our bilingual DJs. He joined the crew in 2021 and instantly became a favorite of couples! He is now part of our full time office crew and not only DJs for us but also assists with all aspects of our business.

Who was your favorite artist/band 10 years ago?

My favorite musician 10 years ago was Stevie wonder. I used to feel very inspired by his music. Stevie has a musical backbone like none other. My top three Stevie wonder songs would be: Isn’t She Lovely, I Wish, and Love’s In Need of Love Today


What is your weirdest habit?

My weirdest habit is never watching a trailer to a movie I really want to see. I hate spoilers!!!


If you could master a skill in 10 minutes, what would it be?

Wing Chun martial arts


Who is someone you really admire?

I really admire my sister. She is such a hard worker, has a giving/loving heart, and has had my back since day one. She’s deserves the world.

Reviews for DJ Nestor


Nestor is amazing! He was so helpful and knowledgeable in helping us prepare for our wedding. He was so kind, energetic, and helpful during our ceremony! Even our wedding coordinator and venue manager gave him big praises! Thank you Epic Entertainment and Nestor!