Bridal Party Entrance Songs To Get The Party Started

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Bridal Party Entrance Songs To Get The Party Started

When the bride and the bridal party enter the reception venue at a wedding, it can be called a landmark event, and you cannot pull one of those off without the best bridal party entrance songs. While many couples hire a DJ or a band, you still need to make sure their style matches yours and those important songs, such as a couple’s first dance or the entry to the bridal party, are carefully curated.

Creative ways to Bridal Party Entrance Songs

Chances are you’ll remember and dance to this song for every anniversary for the next 30 years or more! Here are some of the best and most classic options guaranteed to turn heads and change hearts.

The Best Bridal Party Entrance Songs

Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran

Many of Ed Sheeran’s songs are very wedding appropriate such as ‘Perfect’ and ‘Kiss me’, but ‘Thinking Out Loud’ is a classic-sounding tune with a bit of pop in it but mostly piano playing in the background. It incorporates some excitement without being a disco tune which would be off-putting for a bridal entry song. It is great if the couple is entering together or separately as it can be adapted in both cases.

All You Need Is Love- The Beatles

An old classic feel-good song perfect for a bridal entry is ‘All You Need Is Love’ by the iconic Beatles. You can’t do better than the Beatles for any occasion, including your wedding reception. It has an old-is-gold tune and appeals to positive vibes, and it speaks of what matters most in life and undoubtedly in any relationship.

Truly Madly Deeply- Yoke Lore

While some may consider this song to be a little dated, it actually encapsulates the love, devotion, and arguably the freedom that comes with marrying your soulmate in the most perfect way imaginable. The lyrics are soothing and wonderful ‘I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish, I’ll be your fantasy, I’ll be your hope, I’ll be your love.’

The other aspect of this song that really stands out is that the melody is uplifting and joyous, so any bridal entry will be made all the more special if this song is playing.

What A Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong

‘What a wonderful world has been a wedding staple for decades, not to mention a favorite for Christmas movie soundtracks! Everyone everywhere has heard this smooth jazz number that evokes heavy sentimentalism with the inherent joy of being blissfully happy in a single moment. If in doubt, this brilliant song by Louis Armstrong will carry you through your bridal entry, with everyone possibly dabbing a tear or two off their cheeks.

Make You Feel My Love- Adele

This quiet number builds up to a crescendo, and it works great for a bridal entry, especially with the violin playing in the background. Anyone that hears Adele’s wonderful songbird voice will be immediately sold, and while you can choose any of her slower songs, this one is filled with emotion and power. These are both traits you want to showcase as a bride!

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I’m Yours- Jason Mraz

A happy-go-lucky song that reminds one of being in love on the beach in a paradisiac location. The lyrics are upbeat and happy, and it has a nice flow to it, so if you want your bridal entry song to be simple yet warm, this is a spectacular choice. ‘I won’t hesitate anymore, no more; it cannot wait I’m sure I’m yours.’

No One- Alicia Keys

A well-loved early 2000s song, ‘No One’ by Alicia Keys, has a ton of high notes and a quick tempo making it ideal for an energetic bridal party entry. The song’s melody doesn’t disappoint at any point and employs a consistent high note giving it that festive feel we all associate with beautiful chick flicks and their happy endings.

The Power Of Love- Celine Dion

The iconic Titanic soundtrack is how many people, especially 90s Gen Z kids, know Celine Dion. In her illustrious career, she has sung many iconic songs (all fit for a wedding in theory), with a singularly brilliant one called ‘The Power of Love.’ Celine Dion’s voice is dreamy and powerful, and no bride can do better than choosing this song for her entry with her husband or loved ones!

Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars

An ideal song for a groom to dedicate to his bride because it plays on all the things that make a girl unique and beautiful to her soulmate. Lighthearted, pleasing, and filled with adoration, it is a wonderful pick for a couple entering the reception or a bride entering with her family and loved ones. ‘When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while because, girl, you’re amazing just the way you are.’

Always- Patsy Cline

A classic, magical number with an almost nighttime café/ country music vibe, ‘Always’ by Patsy Cline is the song of choice for those of us who prefer older, more meaningful songs. If you want your bridal party entry to be profound, warm, and nostalgic, consider letting this be the beginning song.

Bridal Party Entrance Songs

Love Story –Taylor Swift

Probably one of the loveliest and most popular new generation love songs, ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift is wonderfully relatable and inspires joy. Not to mention the lyrics are about Romeo and Juliet in a modern setting, and everyone loves a good love story. Let the amazing voice of Taylor Swift play in the background as you make your memorable entrance.

Halo – Beyonce

‘Halo’ is a powerful song about love and feeling safe, and it fits in well with weddings, proposals, and just about any wedding-related event. The song offers a nice prelude to the concept of getting married and the kind of ‘loving embrace’ you will feel both psychologically and physically. The high tempo of the song and the beauty of Beyonce’s voice keep it vibrant and interesting, and everyone will hope it keeps playing until the end!

Choose any of these bridal party entrance Songs mentioned above if you are unsure of how to have maximum impact with your entry and want some tried, tested, and well-loved options. Any and all of these songs will have you and your guests singing along!