Disco Party at Madonna Inn

Disco Dancer

Disco Party at Madonna Inn

My Project 4-001


On 3/1/13 I got the opportunity to turn The Venetian Room at Madonna Inn into Studio 54 for a surprise 40th birthday party. For this event, I used my turntables to add to the vintage, ’70s vibe. The guests were dancing all night to disco and funk classics from the Bee Gees, Sylvyster, Abba, Rick James, The Gap Band, Kool & The Gang and a ton more. The pinnacle of the event was the dance-off! In typical disco-era fashion, we had a tunnel going down the center of the dance floor and the guests showing off their best moves. In the end it came down to two dancers that were awesome! So, the dance-off resulted in a tie! We kept groovin’ until 11pm!


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