Epic Tunes For Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Epic Tunes For Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Do you know the perfect way to set the stage for your guests’ experience at your wedding? Plan a kick-ass wedding cocktail hour! This pre-reception event might seem like a small detail, but it has huge implications on how your guests will feel from that moment and beyond. Your wedding cocktail hour sets the tone for your reception, and the music is the foundation. And it all boils down to your selection of epic tunes for your wedding cocktail hour.

Cocktail hours are becoming more popular due to an increased interest in smaller, more intimate weddings. With this in mind, we want to help you plan yours. Today we’re dishing on the best types of songs for your cocktail hour. 

San Luis Obispo Wedding DJ plays tunes at cocktail hour

Why is the Cocktail Hour Important?

Some people might wonder why having the right songs is crucial for your wedding cocktail hour. After all, it’s just an hour to drink and mingle, right? Actually, cocktail hours are not just an hour of drinking – they are an extra hour to meet and mingle with guests, an extra hour of comfort and relaxation before the party gets really hyped up. We guess you could say it’s the wedding reception pre-game. 

The music you play during the cocktail hour will set the mood for the rest of the night. While the cocktail hour is not a part of the wedding that people will be talking about for a long time, it is a part of the wedding that your guests will be experiencing first-hand. 

When you produce a cocktail hour that is peaceful, enjoyable, and friendly, you are giving your guests something that they will carry with them for years to come. You are ensuring that they will walk away feeling like they were part of something special that was tailored just for them. That is why it is so important to have the right songs for your cocktail hour! 

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Why Having The Right Songs Is Crucial For Your Cocktail Hour?

Wedding cocktail hours used to be for entertaining guests while the couple and bridal parties had photos taken. But today, many couples do first looks before the ceremony, which allows them to also be able to enjoy the cocktail hour. 

There are many ways that the right songs can help you to create the right atmosphere during cocktail hour. 

Mood – 

There is no doubt that music sets the tone and mood for any party or wedding. So, deciding if you want to play relaxing or soothing music for a chill vibe during your cocktail hour or get right to the festive and fun stuff is important. Your cocktail hour is a transition time from the romance and whimsy of the ceremony to the get-down and boogie reception. 

The best way to curate an exceptional cocktail hour playlist is to work with your San Luis Obispo CA DJ

Guest Preferences – 

Since you know your guests well, you can always include some of their music preferences. You may want to have your Wedding DJ Central Coast filter in some classic songs for your older crowd, fun and uplifting beats, and smooth and calm tunes. A variety of music is always best. 

Start Off Light Then Pump It Up!- 

During cocktail hour, you will want to create a specific mood at different times. For example, you might want to create a relaxing and calm mood at the beginning of the event. Then, you might want to create an upbeat mood as the event draws to a close and the guests are ready for the next part of the wedding. You have the chance to create these moods by choosing the right songs.

Wedding guests dancing to DJ tunes during wedding cocktail hour

How Many Tunes Do You Need For A Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist

The number of songs that are needed for your wedding cocktail hour playlist is based on how long each song is. But on average, 13 to 14 songs should be enough to pump tunes for a full hour. But we always suggest adding a few extra to your cocktail hour playlist just to be extra prepared!

What Kind Of Tunes Should I Play During My Wedding Cocktail Hour?

The music played during your cocktail hour might be influenced by your relationship as a couple and the people you have invited. But even though it’s your special day, you should always consider the guests when choosing your cocktail hour tunes. 

For the ultimate wedding cocktail hour experience, it’s always best to consider your audience while choosing songs. We suggest that you choose songs that the many generations of family and friends attending can enjoy. While rap or rock music might be your style…the older generations may not feel the same. 

So, while you may be jamming to the beat, they may feel annoyed, uncomfortable, and just ready to leave. And since your cocktail hour is one of the first things your guests will experience, it’s always best to have a versatile playlist that appeases everyone. 

We hope this article has helped you understand the significance of the cocktail hour and the importance of having the right songs for your event. You can set up a warm and welcoming environment for your guests. You can help them feel relaxed, happy, and excited to be at your wedding.

Your guests can enjoy themselves so much because you helped them feel welcome! The cocktail hour is a great chance to break the ice and have some fun with your guests. You can be silly and playful, but you also have the chance to welcome your guests and set the tone for the rest of the wedding. This is a great time to experiment and have some fun with the music!