How to Showcase the Perfect First Dance for Your Wedding

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How to Showcase the Perfect First Dance for Your Wedding

As a soon to-be married couple, you have a lot of pressure on you to host an unforgettable wedding. Not only will your guests be looking forward to a unique experience, but you will likely want flawless memories of your special day. There is a special moment that your guests are looking forward to, and that would be your first dance.

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The first dance is a highly anticipated moment for your guests, as it will certainly be a highlight on your big day.

We understand that sharing an incredible first dance with your new spouse is a crucial part of your wedding memories! That’s why, here at Epic Entertainment, we have gathered some ways in which you can create the perfect first dance for your own big day. If would like to discover some great advice, be sure to continue reading:

  • The Right Song. To share a flawless first dance, you need to first choose the right song! The song that you choose for your special event should reflect the relationship that you share with your partner. Consider songs that were present during key parts in your relationship, or songs that really speak to the connection you have with your partner.
  • A Little Choreography. After choosing your perfect song, it’s time to get the steps down. Getting a little help from a professional can do just the trick! You and your partner can enlist the help of a choreographer or professional dancer that can assist you with showcasing exclusive dance moves for your first dance.
  • Setting the Mood. Overall, your first dance will have an emotional theme. While some couples will choose to go a comedic route with fun and upbeat songs, others will choose all out romance with loving lyrics. You have to be ready to set the ambiance, so your audience can really get into the mood. With lighting and even a fog machine, you can showcase an intimate atmosphere.


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Every first dance deserves to be spectacular! With these tips, you can confidently plan yours. Here at Epic Entertainment, as a wedding DJ in Grover Beach, California, we would be honored to assist you with planning your wedding entertainment. Please contact us today to book your Grover Beach wedding DJ.