How To Find the Best Wedding Vendors

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How To Find the Best Wedding Vendors

You can curate the most epic and beautiful Pinterest wedding inspiration board, but pulling it all together requires work. And trust us, you’re going to need help. If you can’t find the right wedding vendors, there’s no way your dream wedding can come to life. Your vendors are responsible for turning your wedding vision into reality (no pressure, right?). Today, we’re going to help you out with these incredible tips on how to find the best wedding vendors.  

From choosing the best San Luis Obispo Wedding DJ to selecting the venue, wedding food, and photographers, there are a lot of vendors to hire. And yes! The process can initially seem a little intimidating, but we’re here to make things less stressful. So, here are 10 simple steps for choosing and booking the ideal wedding vendors.

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10 Easy Breezy Steps To Finding and Booking Wedding Vendors

Figure Out The Basic Details

Before you start putting together your wedding day dream team, you’ll need a few pieces of information set: your wedding date, budget, and venue. These vital details are needed before you start communicating with vendors because you’ll need to know if they are available or already booked. And how could they tell you that if you don’t know what date you’re going to get married or how much you can afford to spend? 

Hire A Wedding Planner:

Having access to a network of the greatest wedding professionals is one of the main benefits of hiring a planner. A smart wedding planner will know which local florist can best fulfill your vision of a bohemian wedding, which Paso Robles Wedding DJ will keep the dancefloor full, and which wedding rental business provides the most opulent linens at the best price (hello, velvet table runners at a fraction of the cost). 

She will also know which local vendors don’t meet expectations, which is equally vital. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay a full-service planner if you want access to her lovely hidden Rolodex. But the cost is well worth the money. Having a wedding planner on hand from the beginning of the planning stages will make the process smooth and stress-free.

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Start The Search

Once you have set the budget and date for the wedding, you can now begin your search for the best wedding vendors. The best way to do this is by searching online. You can use a wedding vendor directory such as Central Coast Bride to scope out vendors in your area, read reviews, view galleries of previous wedding photos, and more. 

In addition to conducting an internet search, you may meet many of the providers in person by going to wedding shows. Another option is word of mouth, which involves asking recently wed friends and family members for advice. Look them up on social media to learn about vendors’ characteristics.

Read Reviews

Always, always, always read wedding vendor reviews. And always check them out in multiple places. You can find reviews on Google, Facebook, Wedding Vendor Directories, and other search engines. 

Reviews frequently offer information that you might not learn simply by visiting a vendor’s website or talking to them in person at a wedding expo. Not only should you pay attention to positive evaluations, but also how a provider handles negative ones. For a provider to be a suitable fit for your wedding, their reviews do not need to be flawless.

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Creep On The Gram

Another great idea for finding your wedding vendor team whose style aligns with yours-prepare to fall into an Instagram rabbit hole. Choose one vendor whose work you adore, and then go on a stalking sesh to find out who they are connected to.

After one hour and two glasses of wine, you’ll have selected everyone from your calligrapher and wedding DJ Services Slo to your beauty artist. Instagram is an awesome place to get insight into how wedding vendors work and how they treat their clients. 

Find the Best Wedding Vendors – The Ultimate Guide

Narrow It Down

You’ll probably come up with a long list of wedding vendors who sound fantastic, but for your own sanity, don’t reach out to them all. We suggest you start with 3-4 vendors in each category (DJ and Photo Booth Slo, florists, photographers, etc.) for the initial contact. Any more than that will just confuse and overwhelm you. 

But if you don’t get the right vibe from your initial list, you can move on to chat with more. 

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Ask Questions

The face-to-face encounter with a vendor is quite important. You should look for people you truly like and trust in addition to creative and talented merchants. While a face-to-face meeting is preferred, a Zoom conversation is a fantastic substitute.

Bring a list of questions with you, and don’t be shy about voicing any concerns. You’ll be spending a lot of money here, so you must feel confident in your judgment. If the vendor’s pricing worries you, this is the time to be upfront about your personal spending limits and (politely) ask if the vendor’s package can be modified. 

They might very well answer no, but it’s better to inquire before a contract is signed than after.

Read The Contract (& Ask More Questions)

It’s time to obtain a contract when you decide which wedding vendor you want to work with. Before signing, be sure to carefully read the contract and have someone else do the same. 

Don’t be afraid to inquire if you have any questions or concerns about any part of the contract, especially the payment schedule or any added costs. Before you agree to the contract terms and proceed with a specific wedding vendor, you should be completely satisfied with it.

If you’ve hired a wedding planner, they can help you understand the fine print and confusing details in the many contracts that you’ll have to sign. 

Book Them!

Signing a wedding vendor contract marks the beginning of your official working relationship with your dream team. Even if your wedding is several months (or years!) away, ensure you’re aware of the next steps. 

Find out when you should meet with this vendor again, whether it’s for a planning session, tasting, engagement shoot, etc. Also, inquire what the best method of communicating with each wedding pro is—is email, phone or text best?

Stay In Touch 

If you’ve been chatting with a wedding vendor and decide not to hire them, don’t (and we repeat, DON’T) ghost them. It’s best to politely let them know you have hired someone else or won’t be hiring them.

They might be holding the date for you, so if you just disappear, they will potentially lose business because they are still waiting for your decision and a signed contract. 

Get Recommendations

If your wedding’s vendors get along, everything will go even more smoothly. Asking for recommendations from your vendors in various categories is nothing to be ashamed of. If a vendor’s aesthetic appeals to you, it’s likely that they frequently collaborate with others who share your viewpoints. 

For instance, your photographer can suggest a videographer they frequently collaborate with or wedding DJs Paso Robles CA that really can rock a wedding party. Alternatively, a florist might suggest a lighting designer whose style they value. Of course, wedding planners are the best at putting couples in touch with vendors. Just remember to read the vendor reviews!

Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to Find the Best Wedding Vendors for your dream wedding.