La Arboleda

La Arboleda

La Arboleda

La Arboleda is nestled in the center of the Santa Rita Hills with beautiful ceremony backdrops abundant throughout. The estate sits on acres of walnut & olive trees and features entertainment pavilions, a bar, and stage. The rustic dining pavilion is wrapped in glass and trellised with blooming vines. A waterfall feeds into a meandering stream that flows through the heart of the property. The lush and rustic setting truly feels like the perfect escape for an unforgettable wedding weekend.


The wedding day is one of the most anticipated days of a person’s life. Everyone wants it to be perfect-from the dress to the food to the venue. In Santa Barbara County very few venues offer the picturesque landscape and wedding week necessities that La Arboleda provides.


La Arboleda has been created with mother nature in mind. The venue is complete with paved walkways and stained concrete flooring in the indoor/outdoor structures and has the ability to enclose all trellised areas. This means that even rainy day weddings can be enjoyed beneath the covering of our seasonal trellis protective raincovers.


The Bunk House is perfect for groomsmen to enjoy themselves while they prepare for the wedding day. The Wheel House is ideal for brides and bridesmaids to pamper themselves while they await the ceremony. The indoor/outdoor bar and kitchen are excellent options for any season and make catering simple by offering prep areas as well as walk in cooler and outdoor kitchen access.


The venue is completely landscaped with a sustainable water system that flows from the waterfall at the Bunk House to the water wheel at the Wheel House house and irrigates the entire property. Restrooms are tucked away and can accommodate 6 guests at a time.

Parking is provided for up to 10 guest cars and 20 staff cars. Hotels for guests are located within 10 miles of the venue. Shuttle services are required for parties over 40 guests or any event serving alcohol.