Decor lighting makes your day (or night) sparkle and shine

Think lighting your event is as easy as flipping on a light switch?


If you want to turn your venue or event from standard to simply stunning, you will need to take a more illuminating approach to your event’s décor. Lighting creates a mood, and when it’s done well, the lighting can make everything – including your flowers, tables, cake and guests – look better.


Take a look at a few of the ways we can transform your venue or event space with our awesome lighting services.

Up Lighting

Up lighting can wash an entire wall or accent a specific area of your room with any color of the rainbow to match your theme of décor. The colors are vivid and bright and can be made in virtually any color including natural ambers and fantastic purples. For an even more dramatic effect, we can make the colors fade between different events of the evening or dance to the beat of the music.

String/Vienna/Bistro/Market Lighting

It is called many things, but this lighting will instantly add a touch of style and class as well as functional light to any venue. Indoors or outdoors. We include delivery, installation and pick up with all of our string lighting rentals at no additional cost.

Custom Monogram/Gobo

Each gobo we create is custom designed in our studio to your exact specifications. Whether you are projecting your name or company logo on a wall or dance floor, it will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Pin Spots

Want to add a little more light to your tables? Or, do you want your wedding cake to really jump out of the photos? Adding pin spots will make all the difference in accenting specific areas of your event.

Intelligent Lighting

This type of lighting is usually reserved for concerts, school dances, and events with large numbers of people. But, it can also be added to weddings, bar/bat mitzvah’s and other events to really make a statement

Give us a call and let’s make your event shine!