Junior Photo Booth

Maintaining the nostalgic feel of our classic self-run photo booths, we knocked down the walls and packed everything into a self-contained machine that delivers a whole new level of spontaneous entertainment.

As you can see here, Junior has a fun, retro look that fits in anywhere. This is not a flight case that takes your photo or a painted plywood box that would be better suited as a book shelf. Junior has style and character. And Junior’s elegant design is paired with the best modern equipment to bring you the next generation of photo booth fun. Basically, it rocks.

Operated completely by the user via a touch screen interface, Snap Cubby Junior immediately prints a 4×6 photo series with each use, just like our Classic photo booths. What fun is a photo booth that doesn’t print? The magic of any photo booth is the printed, tangible photograph. In a world where digital media gets uploaded, passed around and forgotten all in the blink of an eye, the physical print has a lasting value. There’s a certain finality to a photo you can hold in your hands, and we’ve perfected the art of the instant, candid photograph. We use only the best modern equipment, and our professional printers ensure your prints have the ability to outlive you.

We currently offer our own 8×8 black velvet patterned backdrop with each rental but would be happy to work with you to create the perfect backdrop or staged set that fits your event. The options are limitless here, and we’re eager to unleash our creativity! Imagine any area of your event transformed into the backdrop for fun candid prints that everyone will get to take home with them! Is there a spectacular view at your event that would make the perfect backdrop just as it is? We can use that! Whether it’s a mountain view or a view of the beach from right on the sand, we can turn anything you see into the perfect stage for your guests to let loose, have fun and create countless fun, candid photos.


Be creative! Be spontaneous! This is what Epic Entertainment is all about!