Wedding Vendors

Should I feed my wedding vendors?

As I was perusing some wedding forums, I can across a thread that discussed whether wedding vendors should be fed at your wedding. This topic intrigued me as this is something that we cover with our DJs during training. Here is how we present it to our employees (both DJs and photo booth hosts): Meals should be viewed as a fabulous side benefit of working in this industry. However, you should never prepare for an event expecting to be served a meal. Bring plenty of snacks to get you through the event without being fed. If you get offered food at the event, bonus!

I wanted to see how other wedding vendors that we work with viewed this. I sent out an email to a few of my fave vendors and here is what they sent back:

Michael Stephens Photography
It’s an honor to be chosen to photograph a couples wedding day. I take the responsibility very seriously. When working hard for 8 or more hours it’s very beneficial to have food to fuel me. I know my mind and body will repay my clients by working at full capacity:)

Sarah Angelique Wedding Coordinator
It’s in my contract that my couples have to feed all vendors.

Yvonne Goll Photography
When it comes to the food aspect of my day I will always have breakfast or lunch before I get to the wedding. I know it is going to be a crazy day so I will have to get nourishment before I walk into photography mode. The only time of the day for 8 to 10 hours that I am shooting that I get a 20 minute break is if I get food. So if you equate that to a normal work day 10 hours with a 20 minute break is nothing! And I am starving at that point because I have been working for 6 or 7 hours running around constantly to make sure everyone is exactly in the right place at the right time. Those 20 minutes when i get to sit, with a sprite, and some food is a little piece of heaven! Please don’t forget how powerful a 20 minute break can be for us! It can energize us and get us ready for the next few hours of dancing along side you.

A Blake Photography
Definitely consider feeding your Wedding Vendors that will be working long hours, over dinner at your Wedding! DJ/Musicians, Planner/Coordinators, Sometimes Site Staff, Photobooth Attendants and Photographers are working long, hard hours and you want them to continue to do so through close of event! Check contracts because many of these vendors actually require meals. If the caterers are charging an exhorborant fee for vendor meals, first, confirm with them that the vendors will be receiving a meal worthy of that fee {not always the case} or a second option, order some pizza for the vendors! Your coordinator will be happy to help you set that up ahead of time and your vendors will appreciate your consideration. You want them nourished, happy and full of stamina to continue executing your once in a lifetime event!