Consider These Songs for Your Wedding “Do Not Play” List


Consider These Songs for Your Wedding “Do Not Play” List

Your wedding guests are dancing and having a wonderful time, enjoying your delicious cuisine and unique cocktails, when suddenly a song comes through the speakers that stops the party in its tracks. People begin to evacuate your dance floor, and the celebratory mood tapers off into silent awkwardness. This is the power that a distasteful song has when presented at a wedding.

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When planning your wedding music, be sure that your songs are appropriate for your nuptials!

Here at Epic Entertainment, we know how crucial it is to avoid those unwelcome wedding songs and even have some songs that you should consider adding to your “do not play” list. If you would like to discover what these songs are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Chicken Dance. The repetitive tune of the Chicken Dance can certainly come off as quite cheesy if presented at your wedding. There may be a few guests ready to start doing the chicken dance, but most won’t want to. It would be best to avoid playing this song at your wedding.
  • Who Let the Dogs Out. Throwbacks are great once in a while, but Who Let the Dogs Out by the Baha Men isn’t a song that you should turn back time for. This tune has been extremely over played and doesn’t deserve a spot on your wedding soundtrack.
  • Blurred Lines. There will be guests of all ages present at your wedding. So, presenting the sexual song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke will certainly create awkward tension among your guests. This song is not appropriate for a wedding day.

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Your wedding playlist deserves to be flawless, and these songs can definitely put a damper on your celebration. Here at Epic Entertainment, as a Grover Beach wedding DJ, we are happy to assist you with planning your wedding entertainment. Please contact us today to book your wedding DJ in Grover Beach, California.