Ways To Dress Up Your Wedding Dancefloor

Incredible wedding dance floor with hanging installation

Ways To Dress Up Your Wedding Dancefloor

After a year of stressful wedding planning and the jitters of reciting your vows in front of family and friends, it can be freeing to  kick off your shoes, metaphorically let your hair down, and “shake what your mamma gave you.” The wedding dancefloor is the centerpiece of your reception, where the party kicks off. And if you’re looking for ways to make your wedding dancefloor unique, you need to read this. In 2023, couples will be looking for ways to WOW their guests. And the place you can make a huge impact is with these creative ways to dress up your wedding dancefloor.

Unique Dancefloor Ideas For Your Wedding

Some of the most significant dances of your life will take place in your reception area, from your momentous first spin as newlyweds to the poignant twirls you’ll have with your parents. Recognizing these unique events makes the ground beneath your joyous feet just as memorable. Proper wedding dancefloor lighting and a unique wedding dancefloor are great ways to entice your guests to kick off their shoes and bust out their best moves.

But remember this…a great dancefloor is only one part of having an unforgettable wedding reception. You also need an incredible DJ entertainment Slo to pull it all together. 

Black wedding dance floor with monogram

Wedding Dance Floor Ideas to Kick Up Your Feet

With one of these creative wedding dance floor concepts, you can really make your first dance—and every dance after that—pop.

You have a few different alternatives when it comes to designing an unforgettable space for dancing. Choosing a special surface or modifying a fundamental setting are two options. Dance floors for rent are available in several colors and materials, including wood and sheet vinyl. Crests, monograms, and patterns can be painted or printed as decals and applied on the base you’re using. Alternatively, you might pick a reception location with a hip dance floor already in place.

Convert A Pool

What better way to amaze your visitors than with a dance floor on water, even though it may sound fairly dangerous? If the location of your wedding has a pool, hire a specialist to transform it into something special. It creates a unique wedding dancefloor, and the pool lights add a romantic touch. Acrylic flooring can be added over the pool to create this creative wedding dancefloor.

Checkered Wedding Dancefloor

A rustic-chic reception, including a romantic crystal chandelier hanging above the black-and-white checkered wedding dance floor, creates a festive and unforgettable experience. It kind of has a little retro vibe, but it’s definitely unexpected and will certainly be the talk of the night.

Black and white checkered wedding dancefloor

Area Rugs for an Outdoor Wedding Dance Floor

Spread area rugs on the ground for an attractive, comfortable outdoor dance floor that fits an eclectic, rustic, or bohemian wedding theme. Your San Luis Obispo CA DJ will have fun announcing it’s time to bust some moves on this creative dancefloor. This is a totally unexpected and awesome way to dress up your wedding dancefloor.


GOBO pattern washes are a fantastic way to personalize your wedding and give the reception space a unique touch. Depending on your preferences, you have entire control over whether to project these pattern washes onto the walls or the floor.

Gobo lights above wedding dancefloor

Custom Ways To Dress Up Your Wedding Dancefloor

The Retro Disco Route

Remember that 70s and 80s disco vibe? What better place to recreate it than a wedding dance floor? You can rent large disco balls or large mirrored hanging balls that will allow surrounding lights to bounce off them. If your venue allows certain alterations, consider utilizing spotlights so that there can be one for the couple’s first dance or if someone wants to do the routine from Grease!

If you’ve hired DJ Entertainment Slo for your wedding, the disco dance floor will come in handy. 

Crest Wedding Dancefloor

For a lavish event, incorporate your wedding crest as a custom dancefloor feature. This is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your reception. And for added luxury, you can include your wedding crest on your save-the-dates and invitations.

Crepe Paper Pom Poms

Who said the wedding décor couldn’t be DIY style? If you enjoy and dabble in arts and crafts, you can get together with friends or your fiancé to make poms for the wedding dance floor. Choose chic pastel colors or even bright orange and yellow, but in general, it is a good idea to follow the color scheme adopted for the floral arrangements. Pom poms are feminine, cute, and very festive, and you can always add glitter or even Christmas ornaments to them, along with entwining foliage and flowers around them. 

Balloons Are Not Just For Birthdays 

The past few years have seen the emergence of balloons becoming more and more preferred for wedding décor than ever before. Choose metallic gold, silver, rose gold balloons, pastels, and rosy colors, and create a spectacular display right above and around your dance floor.

The balloons will bring attention to the center point and are also pleasing, festive, and incredibly nostalgic for long-gone birthdays and other family events. There’s no one who doesn’t love balloons! You can also use large helium balloons, tie them down to small placeholders, and scatter them around the dance floor. 

Wedding dancefloor with drapery hanging above and smoke

The Botanical Dance Floor Style

Foliage and seasonal flowers are a great favorite for wedding décor nowadays. You can use them to full affect the dance floor by creating a centerpiece or draping them over fairy lights or other hanging pieces of art. Having a botanical-inspired, bohemian dance floor is not only unique and creative, but it’ll also be a great template to model the rest of your venue décor from.

Furthermore, when using foliage and flowers, you can go as elaborate as you like, such as even having a flower wall in the background to encase the dance floor, partially making it even more special. 

Wedding Dancefloor Decor Ideas

Light Box Signage 

If you’ve invested in wedding hashtags or have a special message to share with the guests, the most impactful way is to use light box signs and have more than one around the dance floor. You can even use song lyrics or recall a favorite memory as you and your loved ones dance it out on your big day! Make sure to point it out to your wedding DJs Paso Robles CA, so they mention your wedding hashtag throughout the night. 

Neon Signs 

Neon signs are very cyberpunk, new age, futuristic and underground bar style inspired. You simply cannot do better for an evening wedding reception/ dance party extravaganza. You can have custom neon signs built around your initials and your partner’s initials, jazz up your favorite quote, or even have your wedding date as the main sign. 

Furthermore, neon signs need not be put up in isolation and can be paired with foliage or floral decorations or even other lighting fixtures like chandeliers, spotlights, lanterns, and so forth. Neon signs come in symbols and different shapes like hearts and stars as well, so they don’t necessarily need to be alphabet-based. 

Metallics And Mirrors

Metallic hanging hoops or geometric shapes are a staple for a modern, chic wedding décor concept. Hang metallic hoops and constructions over the dance floor and direct the lighting to bounce off them. The metallic paint creates a kind of luminance around the dance floor.

Mirrors are another exceptional décor element you can use. They reflect light all over the dance floor, creating shadows and flashes. You can even DIY this concept by buying small mirrors and hoisting them safely above the dance floor. Always check with your venue first if they allow such décor, although if you’re getting married on your grandpa’s farm, there shouldn’t be a problem. 

Ribbons & Silks

Hanging fabric is an ancient wedding décor concept and has made a powerful comeback in recent years. Buy yards of ribbons that are thick in width and hang them above your dance floor. Pair the ribbons with flowing silk in lighter colors, such as white and beige, to give a semi-curtained vibe to the dance floor. Fabric works wonders for day receptions because it allows natural light to filter through and look beautiful. 

These creative ways to dress up your wedding dancefloor will impact your guests. Today’s weddings are all about creating “experiences” for your guests. And your dance floor is certainly a great place to do that. But you can also include things like wedding photo booths, games, and casino parties.  But simply having a kick-ass wedding dancefloor isn’t enough; you must also have the best Paso Robles Wedding DJ. 

If you need help planning your wedding, hiring DJ Entertainment Slo, lighting, or other wedding details, give us a call. We’re the go-to wedding DJ entertainment company in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas. We hope you found some awesome inspiration to dress up your wedding dancefloor.