What the heck is a Micro Wedding?!

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I know, I know… it’s kinda confusing. Ever since Covid hit, we have been hearing terms like: Micro Wedding, Mini-mony, etc. But it means something different to everyone. Welp! Here is what it means to us and the service that we offer called Epic Micro Weddings.


We go to an amazing Central Coast venue on Friday morning and essentially ‘take over’ for the entire weekend. Our Micro Weddings hinge mainly on the fact that we Live Stream (via private, password protected URL) them so that your friends, family and colleagues that can’t attend can still participate in your nuptials. We setup everything needed for a small, intimate (but fun) Micro Wedding including the arch, chairs, bar, sound system, live stream equipment etc. Then we perform up to 6 Micro Weddings each day of that weekend. We give each couple an 1.5 hour block that includes the ceremony, time to take pictures, a non-alcoholic bar, photo booth and time to just enjoy each others company. Then, we straighten everything up and do it again for another happy couple! This system allows us to keep the price down super low! All you need to bring is your guests and your marriage license. With our online planning portal, we will collect all the details to make it perfect and give you all the directions needed to make it super smooth!

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Frequently Asked Questions



What will my wedding day look like?

When you arrive your ceremony will start promptly on time. Once the ceremony is over you may use the property to take photos. Michael Stephens photography is part of the Micro Wedding Family and will document the entire ceremony and a 30 minute photo session after the ceremony for $500. You may sign up for that service during your reservation HERE. You will have a total of an hour and a half to enjoy the property, use the bar service or photo booth and enjoy the company of your guests.


I’ve booked and paid online. Now what?

You will receive a confirmation email from us confirming all of your details. One of our Wedding Consultants will contact you by phone within 24 business hours to confirm the details of your wedding. Within 24 hours of your consultation, you will also receive a virtual invite to your wedding with the URL and password for your guests to join the live stream. This invite can be forwarded to guests, posted online or kept private. That part is up to you 🙂 You will also receive an email with more detailed instruction of what to expect when you arrive to the wedding. If you have any questions at any point of the planning, please feel free to email: microwed@EpicEntertainment.group


How many people can come to a Micro Wedding?

A total of 10 people (including yourselves) may attend your wedding. This is is not a flexible rule. If more than 10 people arrive to the venue for your wedding, the additional guests MUST wait in the parking lot. Please make sure that no more than 10 people arrive so that we don’t have to be bad guys.


What happens after the ceremony?

We will have some lawn games set up, photo booth available for use and a non-alcoholic bar. The property is available for you to take photographs.


How does the Live Streaming work?

You will get a password protected Vimeo link that you may forward/share with guests not able to attend in-person. The link will remain forever for you to rewatch and/or download. We will give you a custom designed invitation via email.


What do I need to bring with me to my Micro Wedding?

The only thing you need to bring to the wedding is your 8 guests and your marriage license. For information on how to obtain your marriage license, click HERE.


How reliable is the Live Streaming technology?

While streaming has come a long way in the past several years, much of the experience is still determined by a viewer’s computer software and network connection. While one viewer in Paris, France may have a great experience, another in Portland, Maine may experience regular buffering during playback. One viewer, may experience low volume while listening from a laptop, while another has a great experience listening from a desktop computer with speakers attached.

Streaming requires a robust network connection. While most of the venues that are part of our team have great internet connections, we bring our own private, secure hotspots to ensure the highest quality upload of your wedding.


Can I bring my own vendors?

You may bring your own flowers, photographer and cake. All other services that Micro Weddings offers are included with our base pricing and may not be replaced. This ensures that your wedding will run as smoothly and flawlessly as possible.


I don’t want/need some of the included services. Can I exclude them and get a lower price?

Unfortunately not. When we set up for Micro Weddings, we set up all the services to be used throughout the entire weekend. If you do not want a specific part of our service (i.e do not want the live streaming, do not want to use the photo booth, etc), please let us know ahead of time and we will have that part of your wedding disabled. However, the equipment for these services may still be present during your wedding, although not in use.


Who is Epic Entertainment Group?

Epic Entertainment group is the largest wedding entertainment company on the Central Coast. Started in 2011 out of the founder’s garage, Epic Entertainment now enhances over 450 annually wedding during a non-pandemic year. Epic Entertainment also owns Butlerz Event Rentals, Central Coast Bride, Snap Cubby Photo Booth Co and Standard Sound DJ Service. It would be accurate to say that we live and breath weddings! We LOVE this industry! We also have the largest number of 5 star reviews of ANY wedding vendor on the entire Central Coast (582 5-Star reviews as of 8/2020)!

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