WOW Your Guests With These Creative Wedding Entrance Ideas

Bride and groom ride horses while holding hands

WOW Your Guests With These Creative Wedding Entrance Ideas

If the idea of entering your wedding reception by simply walking in makes your skin crawl, you’re in for a treat. We’ve all been to a wedding where the couple walks in with their hands in the air, like, “ok, here we are.” Boring, right? We think so too. So, we curated (that’s fancy for made-lol) a list of some pretty freaking awesome and creative wedding entrance ideas that will surely WOW your guests.

As event and wedding DJs in the San Luis Obispo area, we’ve seen a thing or two, been around the block, and seen our fair share of dull wedding entrances. We’d like to do our part to end that. So here are our top creative wedding entrance ideas that don’t suck. 

Whether you’ve always imagined a memorable flash mob or picture something a little more low-key, your entrance at the wedding reception should reflect who you are as a couple. After all, this is your special day, and the entry should reflect both of you. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re seeking the most original wedding entrance ideas.

Creative wedding entrance ideas wedding rickshaw

The Best Creative Wedding Entrance Ideas

A High 5 Line

Pump up the volume and get your party started right with a high 5 line. Then, enter your reception with a high-five line timed to an upbeat entrance song, living out your finest rock star fantasy. Visitors will love this unique approach to beginning the joyful portion of the evening. Ensure you come out with high energy and pump up those guests for an unforgettable partay!

Colorful Light Tunnel

You know festive wedding exits have been trending for a long time, but who says you have to wait until the end to walk down an aisle of sparklers or in a light tunnel? As an ode to Star Wars, you can enter your wedding reception under a tunnel of illuminated lightsabers. 

There are many more illumination options if lightsabers don’t fit your style. With the help of flashlights, paper lanterns, or fireworks, make a stunning light tunnel. Enlist your bridal party to help pull off this bright reception entrance idea.

A Confetti Shower

Nothing screams fun more than confetti raining down from above. So this is another fun way to enter your wedding reception. Kick off your reception with an exhilarating shower of colorful or sparkly confetti as you and your Boo enter. 

Bride and groom enter reception in confetti shower

Colorful & Decorative Rickshaw

Ah! We love this idea. Enter your wedding reception in a colorful and decorative rickshaw. But, of course, no one will ever expect it, so it’ll be the talk of the night. 

A Dance Off

A dance-off is a tried-and-true method of energizing the audience, regardless of your level of dance ability. For example, you and your wedding party partner can compete in a one-on-one dance-off. Or get the entire bridal party involved in a team bride vs. team groom competition.

Only the correct music and lighting can complete a traditional dance-off, so work with your San Luis Obispo, CA, DJ to choose the right song for your grand wedding reception entrance. 

Let It, Snow!

This is a great winter wedding entrance idea, and it’ll create gorgeous photos. Set up snow machines over the entrance door and let it snow on you as you enter your wedding. Just make sure to get approval from your venue, as some may not allow it. 

Dirt Bikes

Use them at your wedding if you love the outdoors and dirt bike riding. Ride in on matching dirt bikes to blow your guests away. 

Photo Booth Props

We love this idea! Use some cool photo booth props during your grand wedding entrance. For example, one of you could wear a funny or scary mask, oversized glasses, festive boas, or whatever fits your personality.

Ride In On An Animal

Yes! Especially if you have an outdoor wedding. Ride in on a horse, an elephant, a camel, or other majestic animals. Your guests will be stunned, and your wedding photographer will get some incredible photos. 

Bride and groom ride horses while holding hands

Tips For Pulling Off An Epic Wedding Entrance

The wedding party’s job includes energizing the crowd before the newlyweds make their grand entry. Here are a few things to consider while organizing your bridal party’s entrances.

Be Organized

The least you can do is to provide a joyful, well-planned entrance for the bride and groom, who have undoubtedly spent countless hours organizing their wedding. Working together with your DJ beforehand is a terrific approach to achieving this. 

The DJ entertainment Slo should briefly introduce you before you enter the reception area. After the introductions, the DJ should play a song you selected to get everyone in the mood to dance the night away.

Get Creative

You only get one chance to make an impression at weddings since only one walkout presents the wedding party to the entire crowd. So create a few original wedding party entrance ideas rather than something understated that omits the traditional grand dance floor entrance. 

Your wedding entrance will definitely brighten the party, whether it’s a flash mob entry or a full-blown light show.

Involve Your DJ

The best way to engage and get the guests pumped up is to involve your wedding DJ Central Coast in your reception entrance. Whether that’s having them set a beat or blast your favorite song, you want everyone nodding their heads and swaying in their seats.